What is all included in a Zen Cart Upgrade?

After doing a Zen Cart site evaluation (and some of it happens during the site evaluation), the steps to a Zen Cart upgrade are:

1. Make sure all overrides are in the proper folders so that those changes are not overwritten during the upgrade.
2. Integrate new version changes with old files.
3. Upload new files.
4. Upgrade the database
5. Upgrade all Zen Cart mods that are to remain with the cart
6. Check to make sure things are still working (I do expect the client to assist in this part of the process).

Now that is a simple form of an upgrade process that depends more on knowledge of Zen Cart than knowledge of the process itself.

There is never any actual downtime for your website. It remains up but goes into maintenance mode temporarily. Part of this process happens before making changes to your site. The actual work on your website can take as little as one hour.

Contact me for more information or go ahead and pay for your site evaluation to get started.